Littywood Farm Logo

Arrival at the Farm

The farm is located at Littywood Farm, Bradley, Stafford ST18 9DW in beautiful surroundings.

We do not allow personal cars on the farm without prior permission.

Please do not arrive between 10PM or 6AM as there will be nobody available to assist you.

If for any reason you are unable to arrive on time at the farm, you must inform the office in advance, as your place may be allocated to another person. We do not operate 24 hour reception for workers, access is restricted out of hours therefore you must make advance arrangements with the office if you will be arriving late.


  • Passport or ID card.  Take a photocopy of the page containing the number and personal details and leave it at home in case your passport is lost or stolen and it will be helpful when getting it replaced.
  • Driving license and Drivers Qualification card if you hold one.
  • Travel tickets
  • A health declaration form.  This must be in English and must list any medication you are allergic to, in the case of an emergency.
  • Make sure your luggage is clearly labelled with the farm address and do not pack too much – you have to carry it!!
    We can accept no responsibility for your personal possessions or money.

Clothing and other

  • It can be cold if you happen to be here in May or November and suitable warm clothing is recommended.
  • Warm sleeping bag – it can be very cold at night and a pillow.
  • Suitable working clothes for hot, cold and wet weather.
  • Foot wear for working in the fields in wet and cold weather.
  • Waterproof clothing.
  • Hat and sunscreen.
  • Towel and personal toiletries.
  • Cooking pots, plates and eating utensils.
  • some money for first two weeks living requirements (£100)


We look forward to welcoming you and hope that you will enjoy your stay at Littywood Farm.