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Littywood Farm is a Soft Fruit Farm and our crops are normally picked between April and November. If you come you will be working here as a casual worker for harvest and for reasons of crop, weather and customer demand, work cannot be promised at any time and there are no normal working hours.

Most of the work on the farm is done in teams either for picking, packing, tunnel construction work, planting and crop maintenance.  All teams have supervisors to help and train you and they speak most Eastern European Languages,  so if you have no English, that is not a problem.

The majority of work is on a piece work basis, that means the more you pick the more you earn.  Rates vary according to crop and weather conditions and may change daily.  Please note that seasonal workers are strictly casual workers which means; work is provided on a daily basis only and there is no guarantee of further employment.

Occasionally we can offer work with a position of responsibility to those who show particular competence or skill in their work.

If you have been with us before you will know we work hard and pay well.